At JAPFA, we provide support to our poultry farmer partners and aquaculture farmers through technical assistance and skill improvement programmes where we can support them with our expertise and experience. The aim is to develop them so we can grow stronger together and contribute to build a better poultry and aquaculture industry for Indonesia.

Poultry Farmers
Farmers play an essential role and make significant contributions to food security. But many of them face challenges related to the technical aspects of farming, such as access to technology or the latest farming techniques.

As a total solution company, we have a role to assist them so they can grow towards prosperity together with us. In 2022, JAPFA helped more than 8,000 poultry farmer partners through our poultry farmer partnership scheme. This partnership gives farmer partners access to a supply of Day Old Chicks (DOC), feed, medication and various technical assistance.

Listening to Stories from the Field

" I have partnered with Japfa since 2014. Through this partnership, my income has increased and I also received assistance with referrals to finance my barn expansion. Since partnering with Japfa, the capacity of my barn has increased almost five times, from 13,000 chickens to 62,000 chickens today.

I am more confident in running this business because Japfa is ready to help me through regular assistance and also providing me with technology-based solutions to improve my farm’s performance. They are very handson in assisting me when I encounter problems and are also willing to listen to my feedback. Communication went smoothly. In addition to regular visits, Japfa also conducts training and workshops where farmer partners can exchange ideas and share experiences.

JAPFA also facilitates utilisation of waste that can be recycled. As an example, manure can be utilised by surrounding communities as fertiliser, whereas feed sacks can be used to wrap rice husk waste and manure that the communities take. Whenever I have difficulties in handling farm waste, Ciomas will refer me to parties who can utilise the waste."
H. Solihin


" I previously worked in the insurance sector, then switched to trying various businesses until the COVID-19 pandemic killed my business. I then switched to poultry farming as I have land that can be utilised. I searched for companies that would partner with people who wanted to start a poultry business. From googling, I found out that JAPFA is one of the top five companies in Indonesia. I had no previous experience in the poultry business, but through JAPFA’s help I gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration while partnering and working with Ciomas.

Since partnering with JAPFA in 2021, I have seen an increase from period 1 to period 3 and have reached full capacity of 45,000 chickens. The JAPFA team has assisted me through every obstacle and I can easily consult with the field officers (PPL). They provided me with all the information I needed and this was particularly helpful as I do not have much experience in poultry. With this partnership scheme, I am happy because I can share the risk, especially in terms of marketing, so that losses can be avoided.

With JAPFA, I am learning by doing. There are always reviews after every harvest and briefings to improve performance. I was invited to other partner farmers’ farms to gain knowledge and apply it in my farm, which includes how to feed, handle chickens and harvest.

JAPFA also gave guidance in waste management. They taught us to repurpose used sacks to wrap the rice husk waste for easy transportation and give directions about where to sell it so that it can benefit other parties."

H. Edwin


Aquaculture Farmers
We established a special collaboration initiative called Kawasan Vannamei STP or STP Vannamei Area (abbreviated as KAVAS) for small-scale, conventional shrimp farmers. Under this scheme, the farmers provide the ponds and labour, while we provide shrimp fries, feed and technical guidance on appropriate aquaculture operations and technological applications. More than 100 shrimp farmers are part of this programme.

More details on our initiatives can be seen in our recent sustainability report In 2022, Japfa Group sets Sustainability Targets and the Company is committed to support these targets. As part of our commitment to develop our farmers, we included the increase of Training hours received by contract farmers in one of our social targets. Details can be found on the (Sustainability Target)