Poultry Feed

Animal Feed segment is the main business segment of the Company. With extensive experience in animal feed, we are the second largest player in the poultry business in Indonesia.

We always maintain the quality of our animal feed by using the best raw materials produced with the latest technology and through a comprehensive quality control process. Comfeed and Benefeed are our flagship brands and the preferred choice for poultry farmers in Indonesia because of their quality, suitability with the cultivation methods and climate in Indonesia.

In order to support business innovation, we have research farm that enables us to produce animal feed of the highest quality. In addition, our nutritionists have paid attention to feed formulation to suit the nutritional needs of livestock.

We strongly believe that the success of our customers and farmer partners is the key to our success. Therefore, we are serve our customers and partner breeders by empowering local Technical Services who are professional and reliable in their fields. We are ready to help and serve you with our best solutions for our mutual success.

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