Commercial Farm

We have one of the largest production and distribution networks of commercial live broilers in Indonesia.

Our broilers are known for uniformity, high carcass quality and animal health. All of that is possible because it is supported by the cumulative results of our excellent poultry infrastructure and total solution expertise.

We work with thousands of contract farmers throughout Indonesia to ensure that fresh, quality broilers are affordable and widely available year round. In the partnership scheme, we supplies high quality DOC, feeds, vaccines and medicines to its farmer partners. By providing continuing and routine professional supports and visits, the farmer partners are able to produce high-quality chickens. Our broilers can be harvested at different live weights to suit different regional distribution channels.

In order to maintain safety and disease prevention, we adopts a closed-house poultry farming system by implementing a stringent Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and controlled biosecurity, which is supported by reliable field experts.

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