Occupational Health, Safety & Environment

OHS management is implemented through Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This system is part of the entire organizational system, covering organizational structure, planning, responsibility, implementation, procedure, process and resources needed for the development, implementation, achievement, evaluation and maintenance of Occupational Health and Safety policy. This system is built to control business risks to create a safe, comfortable, efficient and productive workplace.

The Company is fully committed to continuously upholding occupational health and safety, as well as manpower, in conducting its responsibilities. To maintain this commitment, JAPFA develops, implements, and maintains goals and targets of OHS in each function and levels relevant within the organization. The objectives of OHS management are as follows:

  • To protect and ensure safety of each individual in the workplace.
  • To ensure that every source of production can be utilized in safe and efficient manner.
  • To improve national welfare and productivity

Implementation and Management of OHS System
To ensure the implementation of OHS in the Company, P2OHS (Committee of Trustees for Occupational Health and Safety) is established within most of the Company’s business units. This organization consists of around 5-10% of total employees as the committee’s member and becomes a platform for the management and all employees to improve OHS system within the Company. This establishment aims to comply with Law No. 1 Year 1970 Jo Government Regulation No. 50 Year 2012 which specifically set rules for companies having more than 100 employees or companies with high risk profile.

Pertaining to OHS management system, the Company has conducted a number of trainings on OHS, among others, basic OHS and advanced K23 and OHS for Internal Audit.

Zero Accident
Pursuing a zero accident is not an easy feat to achieve. It requires hard work, reliable management system, self-discipline and high compliance; and good and sufficient infrastructure support to achieve such goal. Therefore, the Company took initiatives to conduct the following activities:

  • Establishing P2OHS (Committee of Trustees for Occupational Health and Safety) in every operational unit;
  • Creating Experts in General Occupational Health and Safety in cooperation with related parties;
  • Conducting training on Basic and Advanced Occupational Health and Safety to all employees;
  • Conducting Annual P2OHS forum that can facilitate coordination and consulting process among its internal members to improve OHSLH performance.
  • Conducting workshop on PROPER by inviting keynote speakers from the Ministry of Environment.

Zero Accident Award
As a result of our continued dedication and consistent commitment, the Company is capable of gaining prestigious recognitions in Occupational Health and Safety for business units' achievements in the form of Zero Accident Award from the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration.

Zero Accident Award is an award on occupational health and safety by the government to companies that are able to maintain a maximum effort in the prevention of accident at work for a certain period which results in a zero accident. Zero accident is a condition where there is no accident happened in a workplace which causes labour temporarily unable to work within 2 x 24 hours and or causes suspension in working process and or damage in equipment without loss of human lives, in which lost time injury does not exceed the period of the next shift of the workday in a specified time and in certain amount of workhours of a labour.