Animal Health

Our business line in the animal health segment is managed by a subsidiary, PT Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara (Vaksindo) as the producer and supplier of animal medicines.

Vaksindo is the first animal vaccine manufacturer in Indonesia since 1983, which is a strategic link in JAPFA’s value chain. Vaksindo produces a variety of livestock vaccines, especially for poultry that are routinely used in hatcheries, breeding farms and commercial farms. Apart from supporting the livestock business, we are also providing vaccines and veterinary medicines both domestically and globally.

With having a research and development team, that has a long history in the animal health field. Our team researches and manufactures vaccines under strict supervision according to the standards of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and Good Manufacturing Practice (CPOHB/GMP).

Moreover, both companies are supported with Biosafety Laboratory Level-3 (BSL-3) and other international-standard production machines. Our team strives to innovate and develop in anticipating the development of animal diseases to provide optimal results for farmers. We conduct several product developments that can be a solution for farmers to minimize the impact of animal diseases.

Our vaccine production is clearly established for each stage of the production cycle to deliver the quality assurance that we pride in our products.

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