Fish & Shrimp Hatchery

As part of our integrated production operations, we have a fully equipped hatchery to support value added product activities for fish, shrimp and other seafood products.

For our customers, we provide fish and shrimp fry (vannamei), technical assistance and training for our customer farm operators to help them received optimal production.

Our freshwater fish hatcheries are located in Yogyakarta and South Kalimantan.

We also operate shrimp hatchery facilities in 11 strategic locations throughout Indonesia, located at: Pidie Jaya (Aceh), Bangka Belitung Canti (Lampung), Anyer (Banten), Indramayu (West Java), Rembang (Central Java), Banyuwangi (East Java), Singaraja (Bali), Negara (Bali), Sumbawa (NTB), Barru (South Sulawesi).

Our Shrimp Ponds facilities are located in Banyuwangi and Situbondo (East Java).