Apart from producing affordable nutritious protein, we believe our surrounding communities must grow along with us. We not only deploy resources for the growth of the Company, but also to improve Indonesia 

  • JAPFA for Kids 
  • JAPFA Chess Club
  • Teaching Farms
    We facilitate teaching and learning about poultry farming in various animal husbandry departments by establishing Teaching Farms at Gadjah Mada University, Syiah Kuala University and Brawijaya University. Teaching Farms are useful for applying the theories students get in class to real, controlled situations.
  • JAPFA Waste Bank
    JAPFA developed two groups of waste banks in Sragen: the SiRepi Waste Bank and the Kecik Waste Bank. The waste bank is a community based waste management programme that can also provide additional income for members of the waste bank. Through waste bank activities, household inorganic waste is not immediately disposed of to landfills because they can be sold to the waste bank for further processing by the waste processing industry. In addition to processing inorganic waste, the SiRepi and Kecik Waste Banks have also succeeded in processing organic waste into solid and liquid organic fertilisers.
  • Synergized Aquaculture Innovative Learning (SAIL)
    SAIL is an internship programme held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to increase the quality of university graduates. Through this programme, university students are given the chance to experience an actual work environment at STP and experts from STP will guide them as mentors as well. SAIL places the students in strategic fields that are not limited to shrimp and fish cultivation but also manufacturing and human resources.

Details on other initiatives can be seen in our recent sustainability Report