JAPFA consistently aligns the strategy and development of Human Resources with its business needs, through training, competency development and HR management process digitisation to encourage the creation of a conducive and productive working climate.

One of the Company’s continuous effort to realise such purpose is by promoting the Company’s corporate values under, the DOLPHIN culture. DOLPHIN stands for Drive, Organizational Thinking, Leadership, Professional, Honesty (Kejujuran), Innovative, and Nurturing. DOLPHIN is the foundation of the expected behavior and motivation for all Japfa personnel in carrying out their daily activities.

Employee engagement and training are vital to help our employees stay motivated and developed so that they can contribute towards our vision.

Training & Development
The Company provides equal opportunities to all employees. It offers education and training programmes based on individual development needs to support successful performance and careers. The training provided to employees is always aligned with advancements in the Company’s technology and operating standards. HR Corporate Division continues to focus on improving its services to all employees and evaluating performance.

The Company’s HR development programme consists of 3 types, i.e. Tiered Programme for various positions, Regular Programme and third-party programme or external training.

As part of our commitment to invest in the skills development of our employees, we established JAPFA The Learning Centre (JTLC), which is a centre for development and training for all JAPFA employees.

In 2022, JAPFA Group sets Sustainability Targets and the Company is committed to support these targets. One of the Group Social targets is to improve the training hours for employee. Further details on this target can be found on the (Link to Sustainability Target page)

Employee Engagement
“Results from our employee engagement survey in 2022 showed that the majority of our employees felt highly engaged, with a score of 84%. “

We hold various activities to support our employees physical and mental health whilst increasing the bonding between employees. Our employees engagement activities includes :

  • JAPFA Conversation
  • Communication Forum (FORKOM)
  • Routine exercise activities such as chess, gymnastics, table tennis, etc. 
  • Sport Tournaments
  • Religious Prayer group
  • Internal newsletter 
  • Etc.