Efficient Use of Resources & Minimisation of Waste and Emissions

Efficient Use of Resources and Minimisation of Waste and Emissions
To reduce our carbon footprint, we focus on utilising renewable energy sources (i.e. solar photovoltaic systems, biomass, biogas) and increasing efficiency across our operations through process automation and digitalisation. In the 2021 Sustainability Report, we extended our monitoring to include Other Indirect (Scope 3) GHG emissions.

In 2022, Japfa Group sets Sustainability Targets and the Company is committed to support these targets(Link to Sustainability Target)
We are committed to minimise our water use, avoid wastage and treat and manage properly wastewater, to preserve this precious resource for future generations.

In 2021, our subsidiary PT Japfa Tbk issued a Sustainability-Linked Bond (“SLB”), with sustainability KPIs to build nine water recycling facilities at our poultry operations in Indonesia. This SLB was the first of its kind in the agri-food industry in the world. 

To learn more on our initiatives related to the above, please refer to our Sustainability Report