So Good Food was founded in 1993 as a provider of nutritious, practical and tasty animal protein. So Good Food has a food service division that focuses on serving customers such as hotels, restaurants, catering, bakeries and institutions.

There are various types of services, from providing products in large quantities, to serving requests for products with special packaging. In addition to special packaging for So Good products, we can also cater for special products requested by customers to meet the needs of our food service customers. So Good Food has various national and international certifications such as ISO 22000, Halal and NKV to guarantee product quality.

So Good believes that a good quality of life starts with good and balanced nutrition. To support the nation's nutritional growth, So Good is committed to providing practical, high-quality, reliable and delicious protein-rich food ingredients for every Indonesian family. So Good's efforts to protect the goodness of natural protein start with ensuring good animal husbandry processes, produced with modern international standard technology to reach the table of consumers throughout Indonesia.

So Good continues to innovate by presenting quality and practical protein products, to provide a culinary nutritional experience with high taste that meets the needs of balanced nutrition, for healthier and happier Indonesian families.

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