Why We Do It


Why We Do It

The important role of nutrition in rural childhood development

Rural communities, especially those in remote areas face many resource and know how challenges in providing the necessary nutritional health and hygiene environment for local schools where children spend up to 6 hours per day.   Helping rural children understand the importance of healthy nutrition, personal hygiene and a cleaner school environment can boost their ability to study and build incremental motivation for higher education.  As recent as 2016, the estimated high school enrolment rate for rural primary school graduates ranges from 25% - 75% compared to the urban average of 90%+.  This significant gap reinforces the vicious poverty cycle that prevents many rural children from realizing their social and economic potential as future adults.  

In 2008, we launched the JAPFA for Kids program to integrate Japfa Comfeed’s rural community investment with childhood development.  We believe that lasting change can be achieved by empowering rural school teachers and children to create a self-sustaining eco-system for personal wellness using local resources.  Therefore, our program is designed to focus on nutritional health education for improved classroom performance and year round hygiene practices for simple disease prevention in communities that have limited access to healthcare.

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