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PT Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara successfully concluded its popular “Japfa-Vaksindo Idea Pool” competition at the Bandung Bioindustry & Laboratory Expo (BBLE) on October 8-9, 2018. BBLE is an event organized by the School of Life Science and Technology at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to commemorate 70 years of education in biology and life sciences. The exhibition brought together various state-owned enterprise, educational institutions and over 19 biotech companies. The 2-day event also featured corporate sponsored exhibitions, workshops, and lectures on entrepreneurship.

As one of the corporate sponsors, PT Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara generated enormous interest from ITB students for its “Japfa-Vaksindo Idea Pool” poster competition which ran from September 1st to October 1st. The competition aimed to showcase the latest scientific trends in animal health. It attracted over 80 student entries and became a huge draw for visitors at the Vaksindo booth in the exhibition. The award ceremony for winners was held on October 8th.

PT Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara is Indonesia’s leading biotechnology company and a pioneer in locally developed vaccines for poultry and livestock. It is also a subsidiary of Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, one of country’s top producers of animal protein.





Indonesia is an agricultural country, yet to today it imports food supply and agri-products from the neighboring country. Known to be an agricultural country, Indonesia holds a lot of potentials. The challenge was not natural resources, but exposure of new findings and technology.

JAPFA’s very own Nutritionist Dr. Ferry Purnama sees the need of supervision programs, where school should be the place of scientific development. Indonesians student are very eager to learn. They know how to study, but often know not to seek more. Students should not only be inspire to learn, but should aspire to ask questions and also questions science.

With that in mind, Dr. Ferry has been a visiting professor at Gajah Mada University for years. Voluntarily, he made time to be guest speaker and sit in the thesis board, mentoring the next generation to nurture the next scientist, not farmers. Dr. Ferry is very passionate about teaching, guiding students to ask the right questions in science.

Students achieving a doctorate degree in farming had to write research and run a series of trials to defend their thesis. Through his knowledge and experiences in Poultry Nutrition, Dr. Ferry does PHD mentoring. He leads practical research and supervision programs. He does more than teaching, he guides and trains chosen students to be future researcher that run relevant research to the industry.

With very limited facilities in the university, it was very difficult for the graduate students to run scientific trials. Thus in 2013 JAPFA built JAPFA Poultry Research Farm and open access to post graduate students for research. Located in Mojokerto, the facility consist of 17 individuals house (cage- cant find the word), each year JAPFA were able to run up to 50 trials.

JAPFA Research Farm is built for the next generation to learn more of Poultry Nutrition. It allows students to practice theories from sitting in the classroom into developing new scientific findings. Not the only farm JAPFA had contributed for educational purpose, through the years JAPFA had worked together with several universities and built Teaching Farm as lab for Poultry Farming students to practice their learning. With these initiatives, JAPFA aspire to make education and business closer together. 

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