Primary Education


Changing and empowering the next generations of Indonesia through education, for a better and brighter future.

Primary Education

JAPFA aspire to attend the next generation of Indonesian, as the values it holds in its business; growing towards mutual prosperity. Initiatives are started as early as elementary level, where the young and fresh minds are thirsty for education

Aside from the JAPFA for Kids program that has served elementary students throughout Indonesia since 2008, JAPFA’s business units have done separate educational initiatives to help students grow.

JAPFA Sragen alone has been conducting free private tutoring for excellent students. Each semester the management would open registration for elementary students around the plant to apply for free tutoring class.  Students are selected based on their report card. The class are open for 30 students grade 3-5, and 30 students grade 6.

These tutoring classes are done inside the plant, in the multi-purpose room. Students in grade 6 have tutoring session separately from the lower grade, as they need to concentrate for the Elementary School exit exams. Held since 2013, these tutoring classes have been a well-known contribution from the company for the local community around JAPFA Sragen facility.

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