Code Of Ethics

Code of Conduct

The Company’s Code of Conduct is a set of rules, once in force, may affect the performance of duties in the Company. The Company has developed code of conduct that regulates several matters such as conflict of interest and work disciplines. The Code of Conduct applies to the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and all employees within the Company’s environment and operational business units.

Socialization and Universality of Code of Conduct

Guidelines and direction on the implementation of ethical principles are regularly socialized through notices.

Enforcement and Sanction to Violation to Code of Conduct

The Company seeks to implement code of conduct with integrity and impose sanction on the violation to code of conduct as an effort to endorse this set of principles. The sanction is given by considering of violations.


Whistleblowing System

The Company is committed to adopting high standard in its business activities. Ethical business practices carried out with integrity shall be maintained through effective control system In 2014, the Company continues to provide communication channels to monitor and ensure smooth operational activities and improve the implementation of ethical principles and working culture. The Company intensively monitors the activities of operational working units through Internal Audit Unit. Go to JAPFALERT

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