High competency and quality of human resources become the Company's strength in an increasingly competitive agribusiness industry.

As one of the leading agribusiness companies in Indonesia, the Company is determined to always put forward stakeholders’ satisfaction. Therefore, the Company continues to develop the competency of our human resources to support the Company in delivering only the best performance and outcome. We do this because a competent and high-quality employee is also our stakeholder.

The Company realizes the importance of developing and improving competency of each individual to accelerate the Company’s excellent performance. To date, the Company has more than 19,000 employees as our valuable assets. These highly competent individuals are able to carry out important roles, such as developing and implementing policies, determining and making decision, as well as over seeing operational activities. To that end, the Company invests in Performance Management System; a broad-spectrum system particularly designed to measure employees’ performance against the established key performance indicators. This system is expected to facilitate an objective top-down performance evaluation, in the hope of harnessing their best talents and potentials.

In order to improve competency and quality of individuals, we carry out various trainings and employee development programs to enrich their knowledge and capabilities while also strengthening good mentality. Throughout 2014, the Company has conducted trainings for business units, subsidiaries, affiliated parties and major customers. We realize that our key success hinges on the competency, integrity, and good work ethics in achieving our desired targets.

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