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March 07, 2017

JAPFA - Most Innovative Business Award 2017

Japfa Comfeed Indonesia TBK won the 2017 Most Innovative Business Award by Warta Economi magazine in the category of Food & Beverage.  250 Indonesian companies were screened by the award selection committee to identify those that successfully pursued innovation in a highly competitive business environment.

December 02, 2016

JAPFA Achieved Economic Challenges Awards 2016

Jakarta, 23 November 2016. PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (JAPFA) mendapatkan penghargaan Economic Challenges Awards 2016 sebagai salah satu perusahaan yang mampu melakukan inovasi dan mendorong pertumbuhan melalui masa sulit.

September 22, 2016

Cargill, Japfa partner in poultry business

JAKARTA : Agribusiness firm Japfa, through its subsidiary So Good Food, and the US-owned agribusiness firm PT Cargill Food Investment Indonesia have agreed to establish PT Cahaya Gunung Foods, as 40/60 joint venture to produce fully cooked poultry products.

September 22, 2016

Cargill-Japfa bikin perusahaan patungan produk unggas olahan

JAKARTA, Cargill dan Japfa Ltd akan membentuk perusahaaan patungan (joint venture) untuk menghasilkan produk unggas olahan yang lezat, berkualitas tinggi, dan aman.

September 22, 2016

Japfa dan Cargill Bentuk JV

JAKARTA - Japfa Ltd, bersama PT Cargill Food Investment (Cargill Indonesia) membentuk perusahaan patungan untuk memperkuat bisnis makanan.

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