Feed Technology R&D

Feed represents over 70% of operating costs for commercial broiler and layer farms.

We understand the competitive market pressures faced by farm operators and strive to bring innovative feed products to optimize yield performance through continuous research and development.  

We have the most complete in-house poultry feed research infrastructure in the country with a special, purpose built experimental feed mill.  Our research programs aim to create high performance, precision feed adapted for reduced commercial poultry cycles and improved FCR.    

Specific areas of research target all aspects of feed manufacturing technology related to particle size, particle texture, moisture content, nutrient retention and digestibility of the finished products.  To help us identify new and innovative solutions more quickly, we collaborate with researchers from leading local and overseas universities who bring diverse know-how and synergy to our work.   

Research also contributes to our knowledge about the quality specifications of different raw materials and helps us make the right decisions in procurement and formulation. 

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